Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Palm Sunday
A few weeks ago, I decided that when I returned from church on the Sunday’s I got to go, I would sit down and write the insights or awakenings or connections I had during the service. It would be a way to keep me centered during the week. I should write a post to my blog. I thought. Most of the time it could be from the sermons but sometimes other things would catch my attention.

I sat in church this morning pretty close to the front. It is a small church I have been visiting for a few months. I usually arrive within a minute or so of when the service starts. That’s not a problem because they always socialize a bit and I can usually find a place to sit without having to crawl over people. Today was Palm Sunday though and we held beautiful palm fronds in our hands in honor of the day. All sang with the children and the choir who walked in a procession down the center isle, waving their palm branches. It was festive and fitting.

Today Rev. Ken read the total scripture from Matthew‘s Gospel, Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on the donkey and the events leading up to his crucifixion. It was most of Matthew 27:1-2, 11-61. He turned it into our own sermons by stopping three times and giving us time to reflect on the passage and think about a question he would ask us.

The first question had to do with the crowd in front of Pilate. When they were given the choice to spare Barabbas or Jesus, they chose Barabbas. If you were there what would you do? Be silent? Speak up?

The second question was when Simon was compelled to carry the cross through the streets of Jerusalem. When have you been compelled to carry the cross?

The third question was after Jesus died and was placed in the tomb. Two women, the two Marys, were still there outside the tomb when it was all over. Would you have stayed through to the end?

These are hard questions but they have already started me thinking. These are my thoughts so far. 1) I’m sorry to say I would have stayed silent out of fear. And yet I know how. I have spoken up for battered women and abused animals.2) I can safely say I have been involved in social issues and working for the innocent for most of my life. 3) I am not yet finished with my work. I will stay involved as long as I can.

What are your answers? Or better yet, read through Matthew 21:1-11 and Matthew 27:1-2, 11-61, then, answer. Write your own sermon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The HSP-Highly Sensitive Person- and Me

"I am one of the searchers." I chose this phrase to be at the top of my Spice of Life Blog and it has stayed there during this two and a half almost three year new adventure in writing. It still defines me. It still leads me.

In setting up my original blog I explained that Spice of Life was an outgrowth of an idea I had a few years ago called MSG-Spice of Life . The MSG stood for Menopause Support Group. And it was for a short time.

At first I thought the blog would be for that purpose also. But my heart wasn’t in it and I had been there/done that. So then I invited people to talk about what spices up their lives, what gives their lives meaning. Not many takers. I wasn’t sure if it was the topic or it was because I was new at managing my blog. Then the word 'variety' slipped in front of Spice of Life and there it is. Variety is the Spice of Life. You can put variety in front if you want to. Or not.

So far I have been comfortable with the variety of things that have crossed my mind and I have written about. I hope they contain a kernel that might interest you to explore.But now, I would like to ponder some books I have read. I am not in a book club so my hope is that I can dialogue with others who have read a particular book or would like to.

I’m thinking in terms of books that have turned light-bulbs on in my head. How about yours? Ones that I have read over the years and that have made a difference are books like "I’m Ok, You’re Ok". I discovered I was O.K. "Delivered from Distraction". I discovered I had Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and what I could do about it. "The Introvert Advantage". I looked at that attribute in a totally different way. But the book I am reading now and the one I would like to talk about is "The Highly Sensitive Person" by Elaine Aron. I plan to share a lightbulb or two with you in future posts,

As you can see I am still on a search. You may ask why now. All I can say is I want to better understand who I am (which is what HSPs do) and what I need to do before I am no longer here. The stakes are higher. And maybe my search will help you in yours.